The project aims at developing a European teaching and training Toolkit for practically supporting the implementation of work based learning in all stages of VET. Moreover, the project will support the implementation of quality assurance mechanisms for WBL in VET in the fashion sector with a specific focus on feedback loops between iVET and cVET systems.


For achieving this aim, Partners will define the following key outputs:


 Report on the implementation of work based learning and quality assurance in VET in the Partner countries in the fashion sector.

 WBL Toolkit for supporting the concrete implementation of WBL programmes in iVET.

 Quality Assurance guidelines and tools for WBL.-Learning programme for iVET teachers and in-company trainers (tutors, mentors, coaches) in the field of WBL and Quality Assurance.


Impact and long term benefits:


 increase the awareness of providers and business sector concerning WBL and QA characteristics, benefits, challenges and existing good practices

 further it will put WBL and QA on the agenda of providers and companies in the sector

 enable providers with practical guidelines, tools and instruments in the field of WBL implementation in the fashion sector

 support a more systemic approach to quality within sectoral iVET.

Education - Employment Partnership for VET in the fashion sector (E&E Fashion)

Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership 2016 - 1 - RO01 - K202 - 024710